Our History

In early 1956, two couples, Earl and LaRita Johannes and Dr. W.F. and Susie Christopher shared a vision – to start a community of faith serving the northland. That summer 10 acres of land were purchased and two-story farmhouse was built on the property. On February 3, 1957, the church planned their first service led by Reverend J. Wallace Carlson, the head of the steering committee. They estimated about 40 people would show up to the service in the living room of the house – but 116 people came to worship! The new church quickly realized they needed to make some new plans. Church services were held in the basement until the new church building could be built.

One Christmas season, the church decided to celebrate by placing the words “Joy to the World” on the side of the building – when Christmas passed, and they went to remove the letters, they were dismayed to find the JOY was stuck on the building! Hence, the church became known to the community as the JOY church!

As the decades passed, Saint Luke continued to expand and grow as new families joined the church. They also became known not only for the JOY on the side of the building, but the joy people found being a part of the church community. Today St. Luke Joy Church desires to continue to be a place that serves the northland and where people experience the joy of the Lord.