We have worship services on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM. 

We enjoy a blended style of music on Sunday mornings. You will hear some new songs, some older hymns, and even some old hymns set to new music. Worship at St. Luke Joy is a participatory, interactive experience and we invite you to join in as you follow the lyrics on screen.

During worship you will discover several different kinds of prayer led by the pastor, an elder or the worship team. At times these are free flowing and at times they are responsive. We offer prayers of praise and adoration, confession, thanksgiving and intercession. Following worship we offer prayer for those who have a particular need or concern, or simply could use some encouragement.

The message is always grounded in Scripture and is designed to communicate God’s Truth in a captivating that applies to life. Messages are available each week online.

Out of a desire to reflect the generosity of our Lord as an act of worship we regularly receive offerings on Sunday mornings. You can also give online.

We faithfully celebrate The Lord’s Supper (typically on the first Sunday of each month) and welcome all who follow Jesus Christ to partake in this sacrament of worship.